Thame Art Crawl 2023

Thame Art Crawl 2023

Nestled in the historic town of Thame, the Thame Art Crawl has always been a haven for art enthusiasts. This year I exhibited alongside other talented artists at Thame Town Hall on 20th and 21st October.

Jo Earl Art at Thame Art Crawl 2023

About Thame Art Crawl

For those unfamiliar, the Thame Art Crawl is an annual event that turns the picturesque streets of Thame into a sprawling art exhibit. The art crawl started in 2017 and takes place in October with Thame’s Arts and Literature Festival.

Diverse Art Forms Unveiled

What stood out in 2023's edition was the sheer diversity on display. From contemporary artworks to silversmithing, local artists had a strong presence, their work speaking volumes about the cultural tapestry of Thame. 

For those who missed it or wish to relive the experience, mark your calendars for next year. Thame beckons with its promise of art, history, and community. 

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