Jo Earl at Hayden Gallery Marlow

Jo Earl at Hayden Gallery Marlow

I'm excited to share that my artwork is exhibited at the newly opened Hayden Gallery in Marlow! It's a privilege to have my pieces showcased in such a wonderful space with other talented artists.

Why Hayden Gallery?

For those unfamiliar, Hayden Gallery is nestled in the picturesque town of Marlow and has a reputation for exhibiting a diverse array of contemporary artworks. It's just amazing how much effort they put into featuring talented artists, whether they're just starting out or already well-known. The warmth of the gallery, coupled with its professional ambience, makes it an ideal place for artists to connect with their audience.

The Exhibition Experience

Being part of the exhibition has been a whirlwind of emotions. Seeing visitors interact with my paintings, discussing the intricate details, and sharing their interpretations was incredibly fulfilling.

I cannot express enough gratitude to Tracey, Bradley, and Anna at Hayden Gallery for their impeccable organisation and support throughout this journey. Their passion for art and dedication to artists is evident in every interaction.

Visit & Experience

If you're around Marlow or planning a visit soon, I'd love for you to drop by the Hayden Gallery and immerse yourself in the collection. They are open 11am to the early evening on Tuesdays to Saturdays and from 12pm to 4pm on Sundays.

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